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We reserve the right to correct typographical or pictorial errors in all advertisements. Availability and quantities may be limited on some items. We sometimes run multiple ads with slightly different items and prices, due to the occasional need to use several vendors among our stores for the same products. In these cases please check advertisements carefully to ensure you are reading the right ad for your local store. All Galaxy food stores honor WIC vouchers and Federal food stamps. No sales to dealers.

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What’s the free Friday item for the week of September 25th thru 29th

I really think you should look into the Gilmer County area. I have friends who visit from there, complaining there… Read more »
I have cousins In McDowell Co. WV. They go to Bluefield to Grants Supermarket. They have been saying the best… Read more »

Why can’t I get ads says forbidden what’s wrong tried refreshing page leaving and coming back same thing

I cannot get the weekly ad to come up. I have refreshed the browser. It says Forbidden 406. ??

Is there a new weekly ad? I only see the one that ended 3-11-17. Thank you

Love the family meat specials. If there is a specific brand item I am looking for (that no one in… Read more »

What are your rules on coupons? Do you accept coupons printed from online coupon sites?

Is there going to be a 3 day sale for October or have I already missed it?

I can’t find the place to activate the digital coupons. I’ve looked everywhere.

please tell me why Grants prices are higher than any of the other stores? Kroger’s, Walmart’s etc. the only time… Read more »

When is the ad coming out for the three day sale?

When is the September three day sale?

Are there a 3 day sale this week and if not when is the next one?

3 day sales are nearly always held near the end of the month. This month’s should be the 28 –… Read more »
I am so highly pissed at Grants in Galax VA..Me and my friend went there this morning and got meats.… Read more »
Jess – our meats including the ground beef are free from any hormones or other additives. Additives are why so… Read more »

I would like to know if there will be a 3 day sale in July?

27 – 29


Will the 3 day sale be next week? Thanks!!!

It actually starts the 22nd! I was off on the date this go-round. 🙁

Probably the week after.


When is the 3 days sale for June?!

Not until close to the end of the month. We don’t have an exact date yet.

Why did they do away with the instant text messaging ??? I liked receiving reminders of the sales !!! Was… Read more »
The text alerts were a service of WVVA and they have chosen to no longer offer it to their advertisers.… Read more »

I would love to see a grant,s come to Sophia ,wv. There is a CVS building available!

Right now we’re focusing on improvements at existing stores but we appreciate hearing about potential locations!

Nellie Butler
A grants grocery is needed as bad in Alderson,WV the IGA is sitting empty waiting for you. I have to… Read more »

Right now we’re focusing on improvements at existing stores but we appreciate hearing about potential locations!

Not related to your sale but I really hope you are able to move into the bluefield Kmart store. We… Read more »

We’ve made a few phone calls but that’s about as far as things have gotten.

Tammy Bell
The sirloin pork roasts are great! Great price too, I buy and cook them in crock pot w/veggies all the… Read more »

I’m throwing a pork loin in the oven right now! 😀

Tammy Bell

I have no problem with the ads. Your sale this week is great! Thanks.

Thanks Tammy! 🙂

Robin Farmer
I wish the 3 day sale was the first week of the month you would double your sales if it… Read more »
Generally the 3rd week is when the vendors give us the pricing we need for these 3 day sales. Once… Read more »

Do you know when (pork) Boston butt’s will be on sale again?

Debbie, they tell me it will be several weeks but they will have them on sale again.

Hi Debbie – let me check on that.

Dedicated customer

Great deals really love always get ads and there meats are great and very lean.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Be nice if ad would work

I’m looking at the ad on here right now. What type of problem are you seeing on your end?

I am also trying to find ads for the weekly specials and I am not finding any , what happened… Read more »
It’s on this page, above the comments section. It’s an embedded document and might take a few seconds to load… Read more »