Meet the Manager: Alex Browning


Meet Alex Browning, manager of our Bluefield Avenue store!

Where do you live? I’ve lived off of Rt 20 my whole life in the same house.

Your work experience? I’ve worked for 3 months at Burger King before I got the call for Grants. I’ve worked for Grants for 4 years working at a total of 10 different stores.

Family? My parents Brenda & Steve Browning. Brother and twin sister Hunter & Kelsi Browning. I’m so grateful to have them and for them to push me to the person I am today.

Hobbies? My hobbies are hard for me to come around because I spend a lot of time at work. But I enjoy playing Disc Golf and playing Tennis.

I’m so grateful for the job I have. Everyone I’ve met at Grants have became more to a family to me. I’ve created so many bonds with my coworker/customers in my 4 years with Grants. The customers and employees make my job so much fun.

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