Grant’s Reaps IGA Honors

From left: IGA CEO John Ross with Grant’s owners Randle Grant, Ron Martin, and Ronnie Cruey


Officials with IGA USA were at the Grant’s Supermarket in Bluewell today to officially present store owners a plaque honoring Grant’s as one of five IGA (Independent Grocers of America) USA retailers named IGA USA’s 2020 Hometown Proud Retailers in the country.

John Ross, IGA CEO, traveled from the IGA headquarters in Chicago to present owners Randle Grant, Ron Martin and Ronnie Cruey a plaque and a $1,000 prize to celebrate the award with employees.

Grant’s, which was chosen from almost 1,200 stores in the nation, now is competing with 6,000 stores worldwide for the IGA USA International Retailer of the Year.

Martin said it was exciting to have a national team here to see what is being done.

“We take care of our customers every day and we try to help in our community,” he said. “It’s refreshing to see that is recognized on a national level as well.”

Each of the five who received this award are being evaluated this week for the IGA USA International Retailer of the Year and will be honored alongside the IGA International Retailers of the Year being chosen in other IGA countries around the world at the IGA Global Rally in Nashville in March.

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