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Welcome to Grant’s! We are a locally owned and operated chain of 14 grocery stores, serving southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. We’ve been in business since 1949, and since that time have grown from a single store to 14 locations in order to better serve you.

We serve numerous communities, from large cities with several grocery stores to smaller towns that used to lack a full service grocer. Our owners are from this area and still live here, and our corporate headquarters is located in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Money spent at our stores doesn’t go to a faceless corporate bank account 10 states away. It’s invested locally – Grant’s purchases from many local vendors, and donates to area causes and charities you’re familiar with. We employ hundreds of people, many of whom are your friends and neighbors.

In short, we are invested in the areas we serve. Thank your for giving us the opportunity to provide you with quality products at everyday low prices.

Ronnie Cruey, Randle Grant and Ron Martin, Owners

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I’ve shopped at Grants for years, the Crossroads is my favorite, but I’ve also shopped at Green Valley, Courthouse Road… Read more »
Very disappointed in my Grant’s experience today. Took my 78 yr old mother 16 miles to shop the Galax VA… Read more »
Do you intend to go back to 3 cases of Dasani 16 ounce for $10.00 during the 3 day sale… Read more »
Hello to ALL at Grants! I always shop Grant’s. I shop at all five locations because I’m always circling the… Read more »
Grant's Customer Service

Matt, we have recognized Erin for excellent display of customer service. Thank you

I have a question about the digital coupons~~~can you buy multiple sale items (example: 6 of the Bush’s Chili Beans)… Read more »
Grant's Customer Service
Sharon the digital coupons work the same way as paper coupons. Once the coupon is used from your ewallet it… Read more »

Why can’t we have a Grants in Kimball WV area? It is badly needed!

You know, I usually enjoy shopping at my local Grants. Lately, it has become more of a frustration. Today, I… Read more »
Grant's Customer Service
Jennifer when securing product for our sales we always try to secure enough product to last throughout the sale. Unfortunately… Read more »

How do I get my digital coupons?

How can I get my digital coupons?

Grants Supermarkets is so very similar to the former Tradewell Supermarkets in Huntington WV where I worked from 1974 to… Read more »

Miss it, need one in France!!!

When are you going to have 5LB. bags of Hudson Cream Self Rising Flour? Tazewell was out and so is… Read more »

When are you going to do another Sirloin Tip sale…?

We need a Grants Supermarket in Wyoming county 👍🏻

What a shame that Bluefield, Va doesent have a brand new Grants, anywhere I go and people talks about grocery… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket
We do know that! We have tried for several years to go into Bluefield VA and south Bluefield WV. Suitable… Read more »
WOW! I stumbled across this forum while looking for how to submit an application for employment with them. I shop… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket

Thank you, Teresa!

Do you accept credit cards? If so which ones? I have a church group in that wants to stock our… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express at all stores. Thanks for thinking about us! 🙂

Do you know if the 3 day meat sale is gonna be this week or next?

Grant's Supermarket

It will be July 27 – 29.

July sale what is on sale and when

Grant's Supermarket

I have confirmed dates of July 27 – 29.

Grant's Supermarket
We don’t have a firm date on the sale, or items, just yet. We work on these right up to… Read more »

What kind of sale do you have on hamburger meat.

Grant's Supermarket

I am getting a notification that your email address is invalid. Please edit your info and correct this. Thank you!

Grant's Supermarket
No sale this week but hopefully we’ll have it on special for the 3 day sale at the end of… Read more »

Do you sell Schaefer Beer at the Bluefield, WV location?

Grant's Supermarket


When is the next 3-day sale?

Grant's Supermarket

June sale is over… we usually have them the 3rd of 4th week of the month depending on the vendors…

james buskill

Great 3-day sales…

Grant's Supermarket

Thanks! 🙂

Enjoy grants the meat department is very good

Gary Stewart
We buy all our meats here .Can not beat their deals and the customer service is great Jr.that works in… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket

Thank you!

celesta sargent

Is their a link to purchase gift cards online? If not, that would be very convenient.

Grant's Supermarket

Not at this time but we are looking into it.

celesta sargent

Do you have a link to but gift cards online? If not, it would be very convenient.


I love the 3 day sales. I always stock up my meats then.

Grant's Supermarket

Thanks, Ashley!


Where are you located?

Grant's Supermarket

We have 14 stores from Oak Hill WV to Galax VA. Use this link for a store list: http://www.shopatgrants.com/stores


Nice that u have Chitterlings.., They are hard to find in stores.

Grant's Supermarket

I’m an old southern boy and fond of them myself!

Doug juba

You all are high on some of your products but if you eat wieners and bologna

Grant's Supermarket

That’s not true. We sell a variety of fresh meats at low prices that usually match or beat our competitors.

Leigh Ann Heath

Thank you so much, that was very kind of you to do that.

Leigh Ann Heath
I was wondering if yall could sell cracklins like Hortons does in Galax? I think theirs comes in a Hormel… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket

Leigh, they are ordering some cracklin’s for the Galax store.

Grant's Supermarket

Hi Leigh. I will see what I can find out.


Do you guys have pork belly?

Grant's Supermarket

I am checking on this for you. Fresh or salt-cured, and what store do you shop?


Do you sell ox tails?

Grant's Supermarket
That’s not something we generally carry, but the butcher at your local store may be able to special order it… Read more »
Why is the 3 day sales only at the end of the month when most people don’t have enough money… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket
We have the sales when we can get the best prices from our suppliers. The end of the month is… Read more »
Candida Brown
Your address for the oak hill, wv location on Google maps is completely wrong. It sent me to a church… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket
I searched on Google for 3 Church Street in Oak Hill WV, and got this map, which is correct: https://goo.gl/maps/j7ShaAh3A922… Read more »
Why has Grants in Richlands been out of the Clisso Ranch Dressing and the Pepperconi Ranch Dressing? Please tell me… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket
Hi Kay, would you mind turning this in using the feedback form here on the site? Those messages go straight… Read more »

Do you all have online ordering

Grant's Supermarket
Not at this time. One of our vendors is in the early stages of possibly rolling out something like this… Read more »
I live in Columbus Ohio is it at all possible that I could have a certain type of meat shipped… Read more »
Grant's Supermarket

We currently don’t offer shipping, but again, this is something that might be coming sometime down the road. 🙂

Hi there ! I’m new to the world of Grant’s Supermarket and I LOVE it !! Big Thanks! Just a… Read more »
Yes, the 3 days sales are held once per month, usually the last part of the 3rd week of every… Read more »
Welcome to the new Grant’s comment system. To post a comment to the website, you will need to create an… Read more »