Welcome to Grant’s! We are a locally owned and operated chain of 16 grocery stores, serving southern West Virginia, southwest Virginia, and Sparta, NC. We’ve been in business since 1949, and since that time have grown from a single store to numerous locations in order to better serve you.

We serve numerous communities, from large cities with several grocery stores to smaller towns that used to lack a full service grocer.Β Our owners are from this area and still live here, and our corporate headquarters is located in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Money spent at our stores doesn’t go to a faceless corporate bank account 10 states away. It’s invested locally –Β Grant’s purchases from many local vendors, and donates to area causes and charities you’re familiar with. We employ hundreds of people, many of whom are your friends and neighbors.

In short, we are invested in the areas we serve. Thank your for giving us the opportunity to provide you with quality products at everyday low prices.

Ronnie Cruey, Randle Grant and Ron Martin, Owners

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  1. why can’t your store give a rain check when they don’t have the items on your weekly digital coupon? I asked them for one, but they just offered to call another store to see if they had it in. Unfortunately, I was not able to run around to all your stores to hope they might have it. I was excited when you started the digital coupon, and the weekly free item, but it seems it is hype to get people into the store for items you don’t plan on stocking for everyone to get. Maybe you should add “while supplies last” to your digital coupons. Complete waste of a trip to the store.

    1. Jim, I apologize the store was out of the free item. Please contact me at 304-809-1356. I will make sure we get you taken care of. -Teresa Davis, customer service manager

  2. Any thoughts of putting a store in Ashe County, NC? We have an empty Lowes Foods building that would be a perfect spot for your store! Shopped at a Grant’s in my wife’s home town of Richlands, VA. Really loved it and the people there.

  3. I love Grants prices workers amd meats. The employees at the Avenue location is wonderful. The young lady that works in the office is amazing I watch her work and interact with the customers and I wish there were more employees like her. She will multitask and still smile. I have seen people cuss her and she still have a wonderful attitude. Wonderful job Grant’s!!!!!

      1. You are welcome. Tell the young lady TJ I said thanks as well I came in today and was having a bad day. She says smile it can’t be that bad you woke up this morning and gave me a big hug. She really don’t know how much that helped I had just received some bad news and didn’t even want to come out but I had to pay a bill I’m really glad I came to Grant’s thanks again for today.

  4. So, we hear that Grants is coming to Sparta, NC. How is the organic and gluten free selection? If better than the current supermarket, you’ll have our business and I’m sure others in our community.

    1. We’re still hashing out the terms of the lease, but we’re going to do our best to to carry a good selection of these items! We’re looking forward to being a member of the Sparta community.

  5. Can you please tell what kind of grocery store won’t take a check. I stopped at Grants on route 20 in Princeton yesterday evening and had a cart full of groceries. My husband had my debit card, I had my checkbook. After all my groceries were rung up, I wrote a check, had to wait for a kid named Alex to go call somebody. During this time the register was tied up and patrons either had to wait or go to the other register. Finally Alex came back only to tell me that according to corporate he couldn’t take my check because the bank was closed and he couldn’t call and verify the check. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Thankfully I had my credit card. I have shopped with grants for several years but am done with them now.

    1. Tina, we apologize for any embarrassment and certainly want to keep you as a customer. In order to keep bringing our low prices on our 3 day sales we do have to combat our losses on returned checks. We certainly were not implying that your check was bad but our precautions include calling to verify funds on checks that have a low check number and are written for a higher amount. Unfortunately not all banks have a 24 hr check verification number at this time so if it is outside banking hours we do ask first if you have another method of payment. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further if you wish. Teresa Davis, customer service manager, 304-809-1356

  6. I’ve shopped at Grants for years, the Crossroads is my favorite, but I’ve also shopped at Green Valley, Courthouse Road and Bluefield Avenue. Why are the prices different at all the locations?

    1. Tammy we try to keep our prices the same across the board. Occasionally there will be a circumstance arise at a location, such as overstock, a managers special or a product that comes from a different vendor in certain locations, that will cause a price change just for that location. We do appreciate your business and thank you for being a loyal Grants customer.

  7. Very disappointed in my Grant’s experience today. Took my 78 yr old mother 16 miles to shop the Galax VA store. She likes the Grants specials and store size due to limited mobility. Upon reviewing her purchase ticket – she was overcharged for 2 items in produce!!!
    A 1.91 lb cabbage was $2.46 + tax. (Not $0.59/lb)
    1 Green pepper was $2.50+tax (not $0.99ea)

    Pleas attend to cashier Steve’s produce checkout training. My mom was overcharged $2.84+tax on a $27.37 total purchase. That is more that 10% !!!

    1. We generally have the Dasani water on the 3 day sales but sometimes can’t get the pricing we need, so we substitute. As far as the January 3 day sale, I simply can’t confirm this early exactly what we will have – we won’t be buying for it until after mid month.

  8. Hello to ALL at Grants!

    I always shop Grant’s. I shop at all five locations because I’m always circling the county it seems like. But whenever I need groceries, only one place for me: Grants. No. I’m not a paid actor. I’m a satisfied customer of a business that has competitive prices, great quality product (including freshness), and old fashioned customer service. What I mean by that is, you never meet a Grant employee that says or thinks, “That not MY job.” I really want to express that I am at one of your locations virtually daily. I have met almost if not all of your employees, and i couldn’t be happier with the customer service and attention you all give to your customers. Thank to you ALL for a job well done.

    That said, there’s one little gal I’d like to recognize singly because I am continually bringing her difficulty as she processes various international Western Union transfers for me. That alone sometimes gets difficult, especially when the equipment fouls or when one of her other two jobs (she is an office clerk, a checkout cashier, and a money transfer wizard extraordinaire, lol) begin to back up as she waits on me, which can sometimes be time-consuming.

    Erin works at the Grants on main street Princeton next to the courthouse and I’s just like to give her a special thanks because she does so much for me on a regular basis. I know what I do to her is sometime frustrating? But Erin is nothing but delightful, each and every time. Thank you, Erin. You go the extra mile for me, girl. And I appreciate it.

  9. I have a question about the digital coupons~~~can you buy multiple sale items (example: 6 of the Bush’s Chili Beans) and get them all at the advertised price or can you only buy two of the item? I hope you’re understanding what I’m asking. My neighbor who doesn’t drive anymore asked me to get her six of those Bush’s Chili Beans but when I loaded the digital coupon last night, it was my understanding that you can only use one coupon per customer per visit. So I only bought two today and thought that maybe that particular coupon would be listed again tonight for me to load but the coupon wasn’t there!

    1. Sharon the digital coupons work the same way as paper coupons. Once the coupon is used from your ewallet it is sent in for redemption and cannot be used again.

    1. We weren’t able to come to terms on the Walmart building. However, from my understanding, the new owner, Rural King, is going to try a grocery store in some of the space, which would be their first entry into the grocery market.

  10. You know, I usually enjoy shopping at my local Grants. Lately, it has become more of a frustration. Today, I go and something that was on sale was out of stock on the shelves. So I ask one of the workers for help. Only to find out that, even though the truck ran today, none of the item was ordered. It will come on the next truck. When is that? After the sale is over. Do you offer a rain check? No. If you are going to offer an item on sale, don’t you think you should order some? If this happened only once, it wouldn’t be an issue. But this has happened several times lately. Very frustrating!!!β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜ πŸ˜’

    1. Jennifer when securing product for our sales we always try to secure enough product to last throughout the sale. Unfortunately sometimes there is a limited supply. We still want to be able to pass the savings we were able to get onto our customers which makes the sale while supplies last. We apologize that you weren’t able to get an item. If this happens in the future please call me at 304-809-1356 to see what we can work out. Teresa Davis, customer service manager

    1. You have to visit the Digital Coupons page here and create an account. You’ll find the page in the right navigation menu on a regular computer screen, and in the dropdown list at the top of the screen on a mobile device.

  11. Grants Supermarkets is so very similar to the former Tradewell Supermarkets in Huntington WV where I worked from 1974 to 1992. We offered carryout service for everyone but without asking the customer we always carried out unless they told us they could handle it. Grants offer carryout service but only after asking the customers.Grants have an excellent supplies of food in every dept. In the store. Always low prices on everything.

    1. Kim, hard to tell – we generally get prices on items just two weeks out from the sale so it’s hard to predict. However, starting tomorrow we will have eye of round roast on sale for 2.49’lb.

  12. What a shame that Bluefield, Va doesent have a brand new Grants, anywhere I go and people talks about grocery stores I overhear Grant they love that store and their meats. Only wished Grants knew that.

    1. We do know that! We have tried for several years to go into Bluefield VA and south Bluefield WV. Suitable locations are practically nonexistent. It’s not easy opening a large store, you need suitable space, parking and site owners willing to do business with you.

      1. I echo Michael’s comment. I would love to see you guys take over the old K-Mart location on East Cumberland Road. It’s only a mile or two from the former Kroger location you tried for several years ago. It’s large enough to make a wonderful, wonderful store. Facilities are already there for a pharmacy…even to sell live plants…maybe also a deli. I realize it would be a significant investment, but it could truly be a beautiful facility and I KNOW it would draw lots of business. I live near there…used to shop at Kroger and had planned to give Grant’s my business when they moved into that spot.
        PLEASE ask the corporate office to consider that as a location!

        1. p.s. to my original comment: I know the Cumberland Road location is not in VA as Michael requested…however, it is in very close proximity, and being right on 460 would be sooooo convenient to Bluefield residents on both sides of the state line.
          It really would be a fantastic location. I would go to Grant’s more often, but doing so requires me to go downtown. A store located in plain view while traveling on U.S. route 460 would be ideal, and really would draw lots of business!

        2. I know Grant’s has been in contact with Sears Holdings concerning the building, but to date nothing fruitful has come of these discussions.

  13. WOW! I stumbled across this forum while looking for how to submit an application for employment with them. I shop at our local Grants store and enjoy not only the great deals, but the friendly, courteous and helpful people working there.

    I was not surprised when I read where people were asking the store in their community to stock certain items and I was not surprised at Grants willingness to do so.

    But what I am surprised at is the fact that you can do so by way of this forum. AND the fact that people actually receive a response from Grants!

    This is just another way they provide great customer service. I mean, could you imagine one of the chain grocery stores doing this for their store in your community?

    Grants is truly a “neighborhood” store!

  14. We buy all our meats here .Can not beat their deals and the customer service is great Jr.that works in the meat shop at the Princeton Crossroads store is awesome and will go out of his way to make the customers happy.Thank You Grant’s

  15. I was wondering if yall could sell cracklins like Hortons does in Galax? I think theirs comes in a Hormel bag. I love crackling cornbread and I know lots of people around this area do. I know that I have been to Hortons many times and they have sold out. So I hope you will think about it and let me know. I sure do appreciate it.

  16. Why is the 3 day sales only at the end of the month when most people don’t have enough money or those that are on foodstamps don’t have any left to join in the sale? Have you considered making the sale the 2nd week of the month I bet you guys would get ALOT more business for these sales!!

    1. We have the sales when we can get the best prices from our suppliers. The end of the month is the optimum time; other times of the month the deals just aren’t there.

  17. Why has Grants in Richlands been out of the Clisso Ranch Dressing and the Pepperconi Ranch Dressing? Please tell me you are not planning on canceling it πŸ™‚ ( I did happen to buy the Blue Cheese and although I am not of fan of Blue Cheese it was really good, I bought my second bottle today when I stopped in look for some ranch)
    . The associates at Richlands Grants are always friendly and very helpful !! You have some good employees there!

    1. Hi Kay, would you mind turning this in using the feedback form here on the site? Those messages go straight to the owners – they don’t check the website itself very often. Thanks! -Don πŸ™‚

    1. Not at this time. One of our vendors is in the early stages of possibly rolling out something like this for stores they supply, but nothing definite is on the horizon.

  18. Hi there ! I’m new to the world of Grant’s Supermarket and I LOVE it !! Big Thanks! Just a quick question, when it comes to the 3 day sales ad does that just occur once monthly ?

    1. Yes, the 3 days sales are held once per month, usually the last part of the 3rd week of every month. We always post the ad here and to social media the day prior. πŸ™‚

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