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Special Seniors-Only Hours

Until further notice we are restricting the hours of 8 -9 AM Monday through Saturday to shoppers 60 and older. We wish to give our seniors the opportunity to easily get the items they need during the current coronavirus situation. This is in effect at all locations. Thanks for understanding!

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Status of Inventory and Supply Chain

The coronavirus continues to affect our ability to keep our stores stocked. We are getting product in but sometimes not at our usual levels, and some products may not be available at all, or on a sporadic basis. We continue to communicate with our suppliers and everyone else in the distribution chain. As products come […]

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March 3 Day Sale Canceled

Due to continuing supply chain problems due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus, we are forced to cancel our planned March 25 – 27 sale. We regret having to do so but our suppliers are being strained to the breaking point due to panic buying.   We are also experiencing intermittent shortages and outages in […]

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Free Bag Lunch During School Closures

All West Virginia and Virginia public schools are closed for an indeterminate period of time to help prevent spread of the coronavirus. Starting Tuesday, March 17 — a free bag lunch for any school-aged child will be available on what would be normal school days at all Grant’s locations. Find your nearest store at the […]

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Bluefield Winter Warmer 2020

The Bluefield Beautification Commission presents this year’s Winter Warmer featuring the sizzling rock and blues music from the STEELE COOKIN’ BAND! Tickets are $30 and available at EventBrite, and also at Goodykoontz Drugstore and Grant’s Supermarket. Saturday, February 22 from 3 – 7pm at the Bluefield Arts Center, 600 Bland Street in Bluefield! Event page […]

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