We need managers for our Smithers location – several positions available.

We’re always looking for qualified associates to join the Grant’s Supermarket family. Applications are reviewed and kept in active status for 30 days.   Feel free to update your application every month.  We ask that you do not call, email or post to social media concerning the status of your application. We are unable to reply personally to each submission.

Please double-check your personal info including your phone number and email address for accuracy. When you are finished please hit the SUBMIT button. Please do not hit SUBMIT multiple times as it will generate duplicate applications.

  Hometown Grocery, LLC dba Grants Supermarket is an Equal Opportunity Employment provider.

Application for employment
Please enter your first, middle and last name
Please check you enter this correctly because you will receive a confirmation email.
\"Yes\" is not a bar to employment. Please be truthful as we do run background checks.
Please describe any skills or training you have that you believe can make you a great Grant\'s associate.
Tell us what you\'d like to do for us. Of course, we may assign other duties as needed.

Please tell us about your last two positions held. If you have not previously held a hourly or salaried position with any company, please enter two individuals or organizations you have performed any type of work for, paid or volunteer. (Charity, church, child care, independent contracting, etc)

Please provide two references. We are looking for people you have worked with previously (not your former supervisor) who might be able to vouch for your previous employment and job abilities. If you cannot provide these, please list a friend or associate (no relatives, please).

Someone you know not related to you
Someone you know not related to you



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